A Success Story Involving The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS)


The Association of Ontario Land Surveyors (AOLS) are completing a three (3) year project designed to develop tools, processes and methodologies to make the process of certification for Internationally Educated Professionals IEPs) fair and equitable.

The AOLS has developed a Competency Based Assessment Process that can be applied to IEPs (or any other applicant) as an alternative to or enhancement of the more traditional Course Based Assessment. 

The AOLS has developed a Competency Continuum which lists and describes all the competencies that an Ontario Land Surveyor may be required to use in the profession.  Core Competencies are identified.

For each competency, a mastery/attainment level is identified and assessment methods listed.  In addition, each competency has resources listed and made accessible for the purpose of self learning.

Once the AOLS assessor and the Academic and Experiential Requirements Committee (AERC) has reviewed the person’s file (which identifies courses required and competency gaps to be remedied), a “Learning Contract” is negotiated between the AOLS, the Assessor and the Candidate.  This Learning Contract identifies the pathway that the candidate needs to take to reach his/her goal of Articling and securing an “Ontario Land Surveyor” License.

The feedback from IEP candidates who have participated in the pilot application of the process has been extraordinarily positive.

More information is available from the “Office of the Registrar” 416-491-9020. 
Note:  The AOLS is in the process of completely renewing their website  - once this website is live, further information about the project will be available.

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