Diversity in the Workplace

Hiring new immigrants and utilizing the skills and experiences that they possess can help your business: 


  • Gain global expertise

  • Access growing local markets

  • Improve employee relations and retention

  • Increase cost-effectiveness 


Global expertise

The international business environment has changed and continues to change dramatically. It is increasingly important for businesses to adapt to the changing global environment by incorporating skilled immigrants, who understand different languages, cultures, and business practices.

Growing local markets

As Canada’s population becomes increasingly diverse, organizations whose workforces mirror the cultural demographics of their clientele are most likely to thrive. Skilled immigrants often possess the cultural expertise that enables businesses to access key areas of potential growth. A number of companies have found that hiring staff who are representative of their clientele has improved business outcomes.

Improved employee relations and retention

Companies that demonstrate improved human resource practices, including the recruiting, training and retaining of employees based on merit, enjoy lower turnover and increased loyalty, and attract other talented employees to the company.

Studies have shown that a culturally diverse workforce improves the bottom line, work teams and workplace equality. Surveys on the business impact of diversity found overwhelming agreement that a diverse workforce improves corporate culture, recruitment and retention of new employees, and client relations.

Increased cost-effectiveness

Hiring the right fit means saving money. Because of their diverse work and education backgrounds, internationally trained workers tend to have a strong commitment to their employers, potentially reducing training costs (due to higher turnover rates), eliminating recruitment costs for replacements and leading to increased productivity.


Hiring Internationally Educated/Trained Professionals Makes Good Business Sense


In today’s global economy and in our multicultural society, developing and managing a culturally diverse workforce has positive impacts on a company’s bottom line.


Workplace diversity helps a company to:

  • Come out on top of the talent competition

  • Realize costs savings specific to training and re-training

  • Drive business growth by improving marketplace understanding

  • Reflect the makeup of the community to best address a broader customer base

  • Build effective global relationships


In addition to the ultimate goal of attracting and retaining top talent, workplace diversification positions a company to:

  • Expand and seize global opportunities that are afforded through the networks and languages of individuals who come from various parts of the world

  • Strengthen its relationships with customers, clients and suppliers by relating and connecting to a larger client base

  • Boost the organization’s corporate image by better reflecting the community it serves

  • Advance creativity and decision making through combining the expertise of people who are privy to international business practices and norms

  • Improve the organization’s reputation through outwardly promoting cultural diversification


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