The Roadmap is a step-by-step interactive guide with comprehensive strategies and tools to help businesses enhance their human resources planning and practice, from recruiting to retaining skilled immigrants. This Roadmap is easily customizable for both employers with immediate needs and human resources professionals looking for strategic and/or planning support. 

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This toolkit focuses on the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Assessment and selection
  • Onboarding
  • Talent management
  • Conditions for success


General Employer Guides for Hiring and Integrating Skilled Immigrants


Listing of Bridge Training Programs


Bridge training programs may provide immigrants with:

  • An assessment of education and skills
  • Clinical or workplace experience
  • Skills training or targeted academic training programs
  • Preparation for a licence or certification examination
  • Language training for professions or trades
  • Individual learning plans to identify any added training needed

To find a list of bridge training programs for immigrants in Ontario, click here


Listing of Sector Councils


The Alliance of Sector Councils is a coordinating body for some 37 sector councils and sector-like organizations that bring together representatives from business, labour, education, and other professional groups in a neutral forum to comprehensively and cooperatively analyze and address sector-wide human resource issues on a national scale.

This is the network of Canada's sector councils dedicated to implementing industry-driven labour market solutions in key sectors of the economy. The Alliance supports sector councils by:

  • Sharing best practices
  • Facilitating establishment of of common priorities
  • Commissioning research to support sector councils' common agenda
  • Organizing state-of-the-art workshops on critical issues for members
  • Coordinating member-driven working groups on priority issues
  • Managing a website with links to all sector councils
  • Facilitating sector council program and policy discussion
  • Acting as a contact point between sectors, governments and other agencies
  • Promoting the sector council model
  • Mentoring emerging councils

To access the Alliance of Sector Councils website, click here.


Links by Province



Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council

British Columbia

Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia

Work BC – Hire Immigrants


Immigrate to Manitoba Canada, for Employers

Newfoundland Labrador

Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism – Employing Immigrants

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Multicultural Council 


Nova Scotia

The Greater Halifax Partnership

Nova Scotia Immigration - Employers


Hire Immigrants Ottawa

Immigration Peel

London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council

Niagara Region Immigrant Employment Council

Skills Without Borders (Brampton)

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Council 



Saskatoon Community Foundation 

Research report

Immigrant Labour Market Integration in York Region and Toronto

Identifying Needs and Opportunities for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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