Finding, hiring, training, and retaining the right talent are critically important for businesses to be successful and sustainable.

Compared to larger companies, small and medium-sized businesses are often at a disadvantage, and can face additional challenges in hiring the right fit. This may be due to the fact that smaller businesses often have fewer resources than larger firms to facilitate talent acquisition and workforce management processes.

Skilled Immigrants

What does "Hiring the Right Fit" entail?

Hiring the right fit involves utilizing inclusive hiring practices that provide equal opportunities to all qualified candidates; thus, opening the door to a large pool of potential candidates, including skilled immigrants. In doing this, businesses can benefit from the advantages a culturally diverse workforce can bring to an organization as well as prepare for changes happening in the labour force, both locally and globally.


Barriers encountered in the process of hiring skilled immigrants

Research by Social Enterprise for Canada (SEC) (as well as others) indicates that small and medium-sized businesses are sometimes hesitant to hire internationally educated, skilled immigrants for a variety of reasons. SEC found that some small- and medium-sized employers refrained from hiring skilled immigrants out of concern about encountering additional barriers in the hiring process; barriers that they felt would not otherwise be present when hiring Canadian-born/trained individuals.

This website is aimed at assisting small- and medium-sized employers “Hire the Right Fit” and overcome potential barriers to hiring international talent. Many of the difficulties cited by businesses as barriers to hiring skilled immigrants can be addressed and overcome using the employer tools and resources and services available through this website.

When hiring internationally educated talent, employers may face challenges regarding language proficiency of applicants, foreign credential recognition, and validating international work experience. Competency assessment can be useful in helping employers mitigate these challenges and evaluate potential candidates’ skills in ways that reduce biases and increase objectivity in the selection process.


Talent acquisition and workforce management tools

Ultimately, changes in talent acquisition processes - for example, moving towards a system of competency-based assessment - can assist employers with understanding any candidate’s prior education and work experiences, not only those gained abroad, and increase the chances that employers will hire the most suitable candidates for their organizations.

In addition to hiring the right talent, it is important for businesses to be competent in working with different cultures and managing a diverse workforce. They also must ensure that their workplace is diversity-friendly.


Sector council tools and resources

To address the unique needs of various sectors, sector councils have developed sector-specific tools and resources to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises with their human resource and workforce management needs, including strategies to help employers facilitate the integration of internationally trained workers.


Workforce Management Resources

Research report

Immigrant Labour Market Integration in York Region and Toronto

Identifying Needs and Opportunities for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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