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1. Generally, immigrants to Canada are between the ages of 25 and 44 and, thus, of an age where they could participate in the labour force and contribute to the economy.

2. Most immigrants to Canada and Ontario are highly educated. In Ontario, 72% of prime working age immigrants have a university degree, compared with 25% of Ontario’s population in the same age category.

3. It has been estimated that by 2011, 100% of Canada’s net labour growth will come from immigration.

4. Between 2001 and 2006, York Region saw a 22% increase in its population (or 163,458 people). 60% of this growth (or 96,735 people) resulted from immigration.

5. In 2006, 380,500 immigrants called York Region their home and they comprised 43% of the total population of the region.

6. Immigrants are valuable to York Region’s ability to compete on domestic and international levels. Immigrants in York Region and the GTA speak a variety of languages and represent more than 200 different ethnic groups.

7. 1/3rd of the population of York Region (and Ontario) is considered of the Baby Boomer generation and will retire in the coming years.

8. Immigration will be crucial in replacing the retiring workforce and contributing to the local economy.

9. According to RBC, in the next 20 years Canada will need at least 2.75 million more labour force participants, over and above Statistics Canada’s long term population projection, to sustain the workforce.

10. The Conference Board of Canada estimates that the underutilization of immigrant skills is costing the Canadian economy $3.42 billion to $4.97 billion annually.

11. According to CFIB, the majority of jobs— roughly 70%—are created in the small- to medium-sized enterprise (SME’s) sector. SME’s are the majority of the businesses in York Region. To extrapolate this percentage in York Region, that translates to approximately 325,000 jobs across 28,000 businesses!

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