Internationally Educated/Trained Professionals (IEPs/ITPs) have many valuable skills to offer Canadian businesses, but employers often find it challenging to validate foreign work experiences.  Employers may have difficulty with the process of checking international references and understanding whether individuals trained abroad have the specific skills or competencies required to do particular jobs.

Online Resources

Tips for culturally competent checking of references and equivalencies (Pg. 7, Step 4)

Is international work experience enough?  

Competency-Based Assessment Tools

Competency-based assessment tools can assist you with understanding foreign work experiences and help you discover whether experiences gained abroad have provided candidates with the transferable skills they need to succeed at your organization.

Competency-based assessment can also help you evaluate candidates’ soft-skills, such as communication and “people” skills.

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Translation Services

If you have been provided a reference letter in a language with which you are not familiar or fluent, translation services can be of assistance. 

Bridge Translations™ is in the business of solving communication problems for clients in business and government, by providing them with top quality, custom made solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

Bridge Translations offers several professional and affordable solutions for clients, including:

  • Certified Document Translation

  • Interpretation

  • Contact Centre

  • Language Link

  • Message Relay

  • Bridget E-Tutorials

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Research report

Immigrant Labour Market Integration in York Region and Toronto

Identifying Needs and Opportunities for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

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